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Common CUPS Commands

List the status of all print queues and jobs:

# lpstat -t

List the connection settings for all print queues:

# lpstat -v

List the print jobs for all print queues:

# lpstat -o

Add a Jetdirect printer named NP01 at

# lpadmin -p NP01 -v socket://

Cancel the current print job on NP01:

# cancel NP01

Cancel all print jobs on NP01 and stop the print queue:

# cupsdisable -c NP01

Start NP01 back up:

# cupsenable NP01

Delete NP01:

# lpadmin -x NP01

Set NP01 up to use the plain text print script:

# lpadmin -p NP01 -n /usr/share/cups/model/textonly.ppd

How to restart the print spooler:

/sbin/service cups restart

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