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Networking, more than any other facet of Information Technology, has elevated computing far beyond calculation and publishing, to a preeminent place in human communications in the twenty-first century. It has manifested as an Internet, where people can bank, shop, work, study, sell, get rich, commit crime and wage war. In many ways it is the most obtuse part of computing as well. The Internet is the original "cloud", a place where we don't know what happens, but which we count on to work when we need it to.Ironically, networking is also one of the most simple, step by step aspects of computing. It is simply a series of on or off signals along a radio wave, wire or filament of glass. Something very much like morse code, which is deconstructed and reconstructed at each device, many times along its journey. By treating these simple on and off signals as ones and zeros, amazing amounts of data can be sent around the office or around the world. Network support requires a litte bit of patience and offers little reward for intuition. It is best performed in consistent and progressive steps.

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