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Samba File and Printer Sharing

Samba is Windows networking emulation for non Windows systems. With Samba, Linux or Unix users can connect to Windows style folders on non Windows computers, print to their local printers from Unix servers and browse heterogenous networks of different devices. Samba can do this so transparently that users do not realize the different protocols involved. Samba sometimes makes the system administrator do some research to accomplish that transparency, though. Most commonly the challenge with Samba is authentication, and the challenges with authentication are either not understanding which system the user is logging into, or Windows and Samba expecting different encryption than what is actually in use. Windows also uses different infrastructure for user accounts than Unix systems do, which can result in inconsistent file permissions.

Howtos, Examples and Observations

Mapping a network drive to Samba - Map Network Drive

To follow or not follow symbolic and wide links - Samba Symbolic Links

Samba Security Modes - Samba Security Levels

CIFS Mount Authentication Failure After Upgrade - Mount CIFS Auth Syntax Change

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