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Map Network Drive to Samba Server

Remember when working with Samba, if your computer and the Samba server are domain members, you need to connect with your Windows domain password. However, if your Samba server is using user security and is not a domain member, you need to use a Samba specific password that is set on your Samba server.

If you have Windows 7 or Windows 8 and an older Samba, please do this first. If you have both current Windows and Samba, you probably don’t need to change the encryption.

Find Control Panel. If you have Windows 8 and you don't see it, you can press the Windows logo key (between ctl and alt on the keyboard) along with the r key, and enter control in the box that comes up. If you have Windows 7, it should be on the Start menu.

Look for Network and Sharing Center. If you don't see it, try changing the view option in the upper right of the screen to small icons. Click it.

Look for Change advanced sharing settings at the upper left, click it

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to the File sharing connections section

Set it to Enable file sharing for devices that use 40 or 56 bit encryption

Save Changes

Then do this

Launch a command prompt by holding the Windows Logo key and hitting letter r

Enter CMD in the box

That should bring you to a text screen, with a > prompt

From the > prompt, enter the following (assuming you want to use drive letter H for your network drive):

net use H: \\\username /user: MYDOMAIN\username mypassword /persistent:yes - Where H is the drive letter you want to map, username is the username, MYDOMAIN is your Windows domain (do not use the domain if your computer is not a domain member) and mypassword is username’s password.

If you get an error that the H drive is already in use, you can pick any available letter that you like, other than probably A-G, which tend to be used automatically for local disks, DVDs, usb drives, etc. Maybe try something like V or U, if you cant use H.

You should get a success message from the net use command. If so, type exit to get out of the command prompt.

If you have problems with the command prompt instructions, you can use the graphical utility

Right click on the My Computer or Computer icon, and select Map Network Drive

Select H, or whatever other letter you prefer, from the Drive list

Enter \\\username in the Folder box

Make sure the reconnect at logon box is checked

On Windows XP, click the Connect using a different username button

On Windows XP, enter MYDOMAIN\username as the username, and username’s password as the password, click Ok, then click Finish.

Or, for Windows 7 or Windows 8, check the Connect using different credentials box, and Finish

In the credentials boxes, enter MYDOMAIN\username as the username, and username’s password as the password

Go into your Computer or My Computer screen. You should now see the new drive that you just added.

I have had some experiences with Windows 7 and 8 mapping network drives where a user had a new Windows computer, and could not get their network drive mapped to Samba. There were no entries in the samba logs on the server, as if it wasn’t even trying to connect.

In both cases, "security = share" was set in samba on the server. When "security = share" is changed to "security = user", the Windows 7 machines connect without any problem. "security = share" is essentially anonymous access, and Windows 7 does not trust that.

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