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Tomcat and Mod_Jk

Tomcat is a project of the Apache Software Foundation. Tomcat is a fully functional web server that supports Java Server Pages, or JSP, as well as static html pages. JSP are dynamically generated web pages, typically written in Java. Tomcat is often used as a free standing web server, but Apache Httpd is considered to be faster and more full featured for serving static web pages. The Apache Software Foundation therefore offers a closely related project known as the Apache Tomcat Connector, or Mod_Jk, for the Apache module name. Mod_Jk allows Tomcat to generate dymamic JSP pages for an Apache Httpd website. Mod_Jk may also be used to connect the JBoss Application Server, which also supports Java JSP pages, to Apache Httpd.

Howtos, Examples and Observations

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